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Medium Duty Vuly Wind Anchor Kit Overview

Suitable for trampolines in suburban areas where the trampoline does not get full exposure to the wildest storms.

Exposed open areas like farms may need the next level wind anchor kit.

The Vuly Wind Anchor Kit is a simple way to secure your trampoline to the ground in a quick and easy way, giving you the peace of mind that your trampoline will still be there the morning after that windy night.

The Vuly Wind Anchor Kit Fits:

  • Vuly Lift
  • Vuly Lift Pro
  • Web and Warehouse 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft round trampolines
  • Web and Warehouse 7x10ft and 8x12ft rectangle trampolines
  • Other brands of trampolines with a maximum leg bottom tube diameter of 42mm

Please note:
As this anchor kit secures the trampoline by securing the bottom of the U-shaped leg piece, trampolines that rely on gravity to maintain a connection between the upper frame and lower leg pieces may NOT benefit from this style of wind anchor kit, the end result may be the bottom of the leg will stay firm to the ground but the upper frame will lift off the leg uprights, you can overcome this by putting a steel screw through the leg upright connections so the leg joins are positively locked together.

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