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Vuly Wheel Set

Suits the Large/Extra Large sizes of Lift, Lift Pro, Thunder, Vuly2 and Vuly Lite 

(Thunder Pro and Thunder Summer Wheels are a different item)

Vuly have used clever engineering to create these trampoline wheels. They make it easy to shift your trampoline into the shade, move it to mow underneath or simply change its position in your backyard. Vuly have made the trampoline wheels easy to use, simply installation and removal. Your trampoline will lift off the ground and move with an effortless push.

Clever engineering

Vuly's specially design wheel set is an effective way to shift your Lift, Lift Pro, Thunder, Vuly2 or Vuly Lite, no matter the size - with six wheels provided in the set

Versatile and ready for change

Shift your Lift, Lift Pro, Thunder, Vuly2 or Vuly Lite to a spot with more shade, or mow underneath, without disassembling it. It's so easy, you may just move your trampoline because you feel like it!

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