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Trampoline review for free movie tickets or aerodrome pass

*Free Movie passes or Aerodrome pass you decideSchool holidays are on their way with Easter added  for some extra  fun so for something different this school holiday we invite you to come in and test our trampolines give a bounce and fun factor review on camera. We will then give you FREE tickets... read more

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Rectangle Trampoline With Net

Rectangle trampolines went into hibernation when the new safer round trampolines came onto the market however the bounce for those familiar with rectangle trampolines just wasn’t the same; which translates to the round trampoline being simply not as good as the old rectangle trampoline with no net... read more

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Safe age recommendation for trampolines - Toddlers

Trampolines are promoted for toddlers yet on the safety label it says recommended only for children over the age of 6.This is somewhat confusing for people looking for a trampoline suitable for toddlers as 6 year old's have moved on from toddler stage well and truly... read more

 20-03-2017   |    
Who makes trampolines?

 Somehow I once thought ;without really thinking I guess, that robots and machines made everything although there was the huge media focus of China engaging all their man power in the production of every product known to man. Not sure how reality didn’t come close for me? How did I get it so wrong - are you like me?.. read more

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Ethical manufacturing of trampolines

We can look our customers in the eye knowing that the men and women who made the trampolines are not living in poverty they have in 5 years clearly become middle class Chinese. It is good to see everyone within a department team moves to different work stations during various times in a week. No one is on one task all the time and they all seem to share what could be seen as the more fun jobs... read more

Why trampoline web and warehouse rectangle trampolines are the best in Australia

Year on year for 10 years we have taken our ongoing customer feedback both positive and negative to our factories. Every year, learning more about trampoline physics to better know about trampolines.. read more

 13-03-2017   |    
Trampoline manufacturing factory - Australia

As a result of reading this I hope you’ll gain some understanding of trampoline product development and manufacturing. Our bigger vision to persist with small incremental changes year on year, as anticipated, has over almost 10 years taken what was an average trampoline design through to a very high quality, durable trampoline round and rectangle range we are most proud to sell Australia wide... read more

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Used Trampolines - Things to know before you buy

Used trampolines can often come onto the market in great condition as owners personal lives change, moving house, and downsizing, deciding to make room for a pool, etc, It could be a known good Trampoline brand, which will go in its favour. Still best to read on and know what to look for all the same... read more

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Cheap Trampolines - Buyers Beware and Aware

 Typically cheap trampolines are seriously, lacking in quality, in both materials and durability. Introduced into the Australian market, without regard for Australian standards; which interestingly are not mandatory but trusting consumers expect them to be... read more

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Secondhand Trampolines for sale

Often you can find a good quality trampoline up for sale at a great price or even free to a good home.However there can be a few pitfalls to doing this, although you aren’t likely to be too out of pocket; the inconvenience and the hassle to dispose of the trampoline could be easily avoided by some of the pointers here... read more

Read this if your kids are getting a trampoline for Christmas

As parents, we love to bring the magic of Christmas to our children. We all too often find ourselves on Christmas Eve assembling things like bikes, sand diggers, doll prams, swing sets, cubby houses and on topic; Trampolines. Sometimes things go well with the assemblies and other times not so good. There are some things you can do early to stack as much in your favour for completing the job, resulting in being happy with your trampoline without staying up all night!.. read more

 26-09-2016   |    
Open - AFL Grand Final, Cup Days, and Sundays until Christmas

AFL Grand Final fever take hold this week and with a public holiday on Friday 30th September, a day before the game, we see no reason for us to not be open. Grand final Day we will be open normal hours 9-3pm but if Geelong were playing we would have closed early!.. read more

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Time to Spring clean the trampoline

School Holidays are a really good and opportune time to go over the kids trampoline and check if for any maintenance needs. A good spring clean as well to have it looking fresh... read more

 04-07-2016   |    
FREE School holiday fun Geelong - Trampolines

Just come on in and let us know you’re visiting for a "free play" and you can all go out and enjoy any of the trampolines on display without any delay Your gymnastics, dance, and parkour kids will especially love testing the range of rectangle trampolines, they range in size from the smallest 7x10ft to a huge cheerleaders choice 14x16ft.You will find our own brand of round trampolines out and also the Vuly range. Your kids can bounce test the trampolines they have seen on TV. Of the Vuly range, we have on display all three Vuly Thunders and all Vuly2 sizes and just the one Vuly classic... read more

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Kids Winter school holidays - Fun and Free activities

Simple activities that were winners in my childhood and were again for our kids in theirs. They are all family focused and suited within reason across the ages. Best of all they are all Free of entry fees!.. read more

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Best trampoline pads

You have found the best trampoline padding, padding is the one part of a trampoline with a solid bed reputation for the PE or PVC deteriorating quickly, being too thin, holding water that seeps out slowly onto the trampoline mat and ties not securely sewn in place... read more

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Australian Trampoline Standards AS 4989:2015

Trampolines in Australia are always improving and this is due to the most stringent safety standards in the world. Our trampolines meet 2015 Australian Standards... read more

Trampoline Web and Warehouse– Customer Reviews - Trampoline Replacement Mat

You may have already purchased a round replacement mat just based on the trampoline size or even the number of springs but have found yourself with a mat that won’t fit and a trampoline supplier unable to help you or even to want to try to help you... read more

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