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The main aim of a safety skirt is to prevent unwanted access to the underneath of the trampoline, which if being used at the time can be a potential for injuries for both the bouncer and the person underneath.

A trampoline skirt is ideal for families with kids of varying age groups.

For example, when older kids are on the trampoline and a toddler wanders unseen underneath the trampoline, this puts them at risk of injury.

We often hear of dogs that jump under the trampoline and scratch or nip at the mat where the kids are bouncing - a safety skirt can be a good way to prevent this.


7x10ft Rectangle Trampoline Safety Skirt

  • This skirt suits an 7x10ft Web and Warehouse rectangle trampoline
  • 3 large sewn in pockets for convenient storage of shoes, phones, wallets, balls etc
  • Strong and durable netting made from a multi-woven UV stabilised material
  • Non laddering weave (accidental cuts in net are resistant to continuation of tear)
  • Prevents access to underneath the trampoline to avoid accidents


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