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14x16ft In-Ground Rectangle Trampoline Overview

OK, this is HUGE!

The 14x16ft trampoline is the family social entertainer of trampolines. There isn’t another backyard trampoline in Australia that comes close to this one in size and quality; it is simply massive and robust in every way.

The 14x16ft trampoline is suited to various uses:

  • Teenaged cheerleaders appreciate the enormous space for floor tumble practice, with space for several people to work out together on tumble and backwards walkover routines.
  • Teenagers that need a safe space for soccer, wrestling, jumping, tricks and general energy burning (this is the one we had at home for our three teenaged boys!)

The 14x16ft trampoline is ideal for a large family or a family with social and active teens, creating fond memories long into the future.

We find that the most experienced gymnasts typically prefer the 9x14ft or 10x17ft trampolines due to the extra jumping height obtained in these sizes.

Be assured this is a quality trampoline that will last like trampolines used to years ago.

Mat - UV Resistant USA Material

Made from USA Tencate™ Permatron® material which is the most durable & UV resistant trampoline mat available, all backed by our three-year warranty.

More info about our mat.

Trampoline Mat Close Up

Padding - the Safest in Australia

These pads are carefully hand-made and designed from the ground up with safety, durability, and long life in mind. Our pads feature a unique two-step foam that puts protection where you need it the most, (over the frame), also making it very water resistant - the water just runs off the pads and prevents excessive pooling.

See what makes our pads so safe.

Trampoline Pads Corner

Frame - Strong & Sturdy

Made from 60x2.5mm double hot-dipped galvanised steel. Our trampoline frame provides a very sturdy base for the springs and jumping mat and will also give the user a more responsive bounce.

Discover more about our frame.

Trampoline Frame

Truly Massive

Jumbo sized; this is the largest sized trampoline you can buy in Australia, It's a truly massive 14x16ft (4.3x4.9 meters) for kids (and parents) to jump and play.

Massive Trampoline


We have designed this trampoline to be as easy as possible to assemble, however, due to the heavy duty components we recommend 2 or more people and allow 3-5 hours.

See how this trampoline goes together.

Assembly Time

Stay Safe & Have Fun

Happy Girl On Trampoline

Delivery Time

Benefits of an In Ground Rectangle Trampoline

  • Once installed an in ground trampoline it looks very neat
  • Kids will have easy access onto the trampoline
  • Aesthetically suited to landscape designed gardens
  • Reduces obstructions outside; so not to spoil panoramic views
  • Less chance of the wind blowing the trampoline away
  • Pending ability, in ground trampolines can be a great benefit to kids and adults with disabilities
  • Efficient use of space in the backyard
  • Easy shape to dig a hole for and build a retaining wall

Who Installs In Ground Trampolines?

  • Local landscaper
  • Handyman
Please note: We do not install In Ground trampolines.

When Installing an In Ground Trampoline You Need to Think About

  • Local government requirements
  • Soil type
  • Retaining wall
  • Drainage
  • Getting the hole and retaining wall sizes right


The trampoline frame sizes listed on our website are for naming the generic size of a trampoline and should be treated as a ball park reference only, these nominal sizes should not be relied upon when digging the actual hole or for making the retaining wall.  For our rectangle range, the long side rail bow’s out a little by design which needs to be factored in. Depending on installation method you choose, you may also need to allow for an air flow gap.  When sizing up to make the hole or retaining wall it is strongly suggested you already have the trampoline with the mat and springs assembled so you can then directly measure off the "actual" assembled product dimensions.

14x16ft In Ground Trampoline Box Sizes

Box NumberLength (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)
1 of 322559.512.572.5
2 of 3196772746.7
3 of 3282.5312070

Weight Capacity 150kg
Frame Size (Imperial) 14 x 16ft
Frame Size (Metric) 4267 x 4877mm
Frame Height 1067mm
Frame Tube Size 60 x 2.5mm
Leg Tube Size 60 x 2.5mm
Leg Quantity 4
Steel Tube Finish Hot Dip Heavy Duty Galvanised, Inside & Out
Mat Size 3585 x 4190mm
Mat Material USA Tencate™ Permatron® Woven Polypropylene
Spring Padding Cover Forest Green, PVC 500D x .55mm thick for Upper & Lower Cover
Spring Padding Insert EPE Foam, 380mm wide, 50mm thick over the Frame, 25mm thick at the Mat edge
Spring Quantity 114
Spring Quantity per side 26 x 29 (+4 in corners)
Spring Length 260mm

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