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If you bought your trampoline from us:

We stock replacement mats to suit all Rectangle trampolines we have sold,so if you have bought a trampoline from us we will have the mat. If you have any doubt which is the correct replacement mat then contact us.

If you didn't buy the trampoline originally from us, or don’t know where its from:

A lot of the older rectangle trampolines weren't made to a uniform size so there is minimum compatibility between the various brands. It is not likely one of our mats will fit any other brand other than ours.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Trampoline Mat Weave

Upgrade mat option for the 10x17-Q Trampoline

  • Compatible with the Web and Warehouse 10x17-Q2 Trampoline generally sold from early 2014 to late 2015, these used 260mmx3.1x22mm long springs as standard. see NOTE below.
  • Also will fit Web and Warehouse 10x17-Q3 Trampoline sold from late 2015 to current however a Q2/Q4 mat will not have the overlap section at the mat edges you would be used to.
  • Not compatible with the Web and Warehouse 10x17-J Trampoline sold up to late 2012
  • There were also some 10x17-J trampolines sold later than this, contact us if you need help determining the trampoline you have.

Compared to the standard mat, this mat enables:

  • higher bounce heights to be achieved
  • less effort to reach the same height
  • longer jumping sessions for the same effort

Heavy Duty, High Strength, Extra Bouncy

  • Compatible with the Web and Warehouse 10x17-Q Trampoline sold from late 2012
  • Not compatable with the Web and Warehouse 10x17-J Trampoline sold up to late 2012
  • Mat material has a unique weave and tension compared to standard mat
  • Black woven polypropylene mesh, similar material as supplied with the standard mat on our new trampolines, enabling long term maintenance for outdoor use
  • World leading Tencate™ Permatron® Trampoline mat- made in USA
  • Anti-graze finish whereby the individually woven strands have a hot rolled flat finish
  • Thermally interlocked fibres for a smooth & stable ability to handle constant flexing
  • The mat includes the hooks for the spring to attach to (springs not included)


  • This mat only works effectively with 260x3.4x28mm springs, (96 in total)
  • If your trampoline was originally ordered with a High Bounce Mat then you will already have these springs, (the high bounce option became available late November 2015)
  • The 10x17-Q Trampoline was otherwise sold with the Standard Mat with the following springs;
    • early 10x17-Q1 Trampolines used 194x3.1x24mm springs and then
    • later models 10x17-Q2/Q3/Q4 were sold with 260x3.1x22mm (which are still the current standard issue)
  • This High Bounce mat with a set of 260x3.4x28mm springs, (96 in total) is able to retrofit into all 10x17-Q frames, regardless of the original spring length you originally purchased.

Mat Size Info

  • Trampolines are measured by their outside frame size.
  • Mats are measured when installed and under spring tension on the trampoline
  • For clarity our mat code reflects the frame diameter, spring quantity & mat diameter


Our high bounce mats feature a unique weave that allows more airflow through the mat, which enables a much more responsive and higher bounce! All of our trampoline mats use TenCate Permatron® material (TenCate is a USA based company). It has been proven over many years to be the best affordable material for trampoline mats due to its incredible strength, durability and high UV resistance.

Note: This is an improvement on a standard mat, but doesn't offer the extreme heights of the very high-end mats that some gymnasiums use, as this could be considered dangerous without the appropriate training and supervision that gymnasiums provide (Not for regular backyard use).

TenCate Permatron®

This material is the same used in hurricane barriers! It features an anti-graze finish whereby the individually woven strands have a hot rolled flat finish. The fibres thermally Interlock for the ability to handle constant flexing, making it extremely durable, but yet soft on your feet.

Trampoline Mat Weave

UV Treated & Tested

Australia experiences some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world, this material has been proven for years and is backed by our three-year warranty.

UV Resistant

Six Reinforcing Stitches

There is no point having such a durable mat material if it's not correctly attached to the frame, we have six individual high strength threads holding the spring attachment points. Our spring attachment triangle have a beautiful gold finish coating that protects it from corrosion and ensures long life.

Trampoline Mat Stitching

Centred White Cross

All our trampoline mats have a printed white cross in the centre; gymnasts love this because when they're in the air, they have a constant reference point which helps with their orientation and safer positioning. Sounds simple, but it's very effective.

Trampoline Mat White Cross

Frame Size (Imperial) 10 x 17ft
Frame Size (Metric) 3048 x 5240mm
Mat Shape Rectangle
Mat Size 2340 x 4465
Spring Quantity 96
Spring Quantity Per Side 16 x 32
Spring Length 260mm

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