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Brand: Web and Warehouse
Product Code: Tramp10x17 - Q3
Availability: In Stock
$1,401.25 $1,475.00

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Essential Accessories

Trampoline Wind Anchor Kit - 600mm $55.00Trampoline Wind Anchor Kit - 600mm ($55.00)

10x17ft Rectangle Trampoline Overview

The 10x17ft is also known as our "Olympic Sized Trampoline", making it the perfect size for gymnasts or anyone wanting a huge trampoline. The frame’s unique pre tensioned design gives it a superior bounce to our earlier models and others similar in the market. The enjoyable bounce combined with a massive amount of space; makes it great for hours of fun for the kids (or even adults).

A spacious and well designed trampoline will keep the family active, fit and healthy. Created with high quality materials this trampoline is guaranteed to keep the kids jumping for years to come. 

High bounce mat information

When buying one of our 9x14ft or 10x17ft trampolines you have the option of upgrading your jumping mat from a standard backyard mat to the high bounce mat.

The high bounce mat is a different weave in comparison to standard backyard mats. The unique design allows improved air flow which consequently results in less effort exerted and an even easier bounce. This is a great upgrade for the trampoline, especially for those into gymnastics and competitive trampolining.

Overall, the high bounce mat enables a higher bounce height, less effort to reach that height and a longer jumping session. 



  • Super heavy duty steel square frame connectors
  • Solid engineered frame top and bottom
  • Double hot dipped galvanized steel inside and out


  • Overlapping mat
  • provides extra protection from springs
  • USA Tencate™ Permatron® material
  • Anti-graze finish
  • Long lasting UV protection

Padding - the safest in Australia

  • UV protected
  • Secure bungee cord attachments
  • Drainage holes to prevent waterlogging
  • Water resistant
  • Tapered 50-25mm foam insert
  • Top Stitched Upper Seams .55mm PVC
  • Most protection where you need it (over the frame)


  • Long lasting UV protected polypropylene
  • Individually woven threads resist tearing
  • Fine mesh to protect small fingers
  • Anti graze finish
  • Triple stitched reinforcement
  • Large heavy duty zipper
  • Elastic and hook underside attachment to mat


  • This will be at least a 2 person job with a ladder
  • Normally for the first time it takes between 3-5 hours
  • The entrance can only be on the long side

Who does this trampoline best suit?

  • The 10x17ft is a very large, responsive and an enjoyable trampoline to jump on for most ages, especially the mid to higher age groups
  • It is ideal for gymnastic orientated tweens, teens and adults as it has a responsive bounce combined with a great usable space with the extra length to round out flips
  • Teenage boys love this trampoline – it feels robust to them, they can typically get amazing bounce height and use the large area to burn up energy
  • Everyone loves how spacious this trampoline feels, there is plenty of room for jumping, flips and other tricks
  • Smaller children who are a little lighter (less than 45kg) will need to work a bit harder to get the height they need and may prefer the 9x14ft trampoline. However they often choose space over the height as a compromise pending on the needs of their gymnasitcs style. 

This is a high quality trampoline that is made to last and is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.

Included in this 10x17ft Rectangle Trampoline

  • Springs
  • Spring Tool
  • All Frame Work
  • Black Jumping Mat
  • Green Spring Cover Padding
  • Full Fitting Net Assembly
  • Instruction Manual

Have fun!

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10x17ft Trampoline Box Sizes

Box NumberLength (cm)Width (cm)Height (cm)Weight (kg)
1 of 31867923.585.5
2 of 31867923.555
3 of 3178.5522659.5

Total Trampoline Height 2950mm
Weight Capacity 150kg
Frame Size (Imperial) 10 x 17ft
Frame Size (Metric) 3048 x 5240mm
Frame Height 1070mm
Frame Tube Size 60 x 2.5mm
Leg Tube Size 60 x 2.5mm
Leg Quantity 4
Steel Tube Finish Hot dip heavy duty galvanised inside & out
Mat Size 2375 x 4520mm
Mat Material USA Tencateā„¢ PermatronĀ® Woven Polypropylene
Spring Padding Cover Forest green, PVC 500D x .55mm thick for upper & lower cover
Spring Padding Insert EPE foam, 380mm wide, 50mm thick over the frame, 25mm thick at the mat edge
Spring Quantity 96
Spring Quantity per side 16 x 32
Spring Length 260mm
Net Style Outside
Net Pole Quantity 6
Net Pole Tube 42 x 2.0mm
Net Material Woven Black Polyethylene
Net Pole Height 1900mm

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